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Oracle Applications Framework (OAF)

Oracle Applications Framework (OAF)

Oracle Applications Framework (OAF)
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OAF: (Oracle Applications Framework)

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•           OA Framework MVC Architecture

•           Setup of Jdeveloper with OAF Extension

•           Overview of JDeveloper

•           Build Hello World and Sample login page

•           Overview of OA Framework files

•           OA Framework Page Basics

•           OA Framework Coding Standards

•           Simple Search Page

•           Example on 1 Real-time Search page

•           Covers CO,VO,AM,EO,VL,AO

•           Simple Create page Example

•           Real-time Example on Create page

•           One assignment on Create page.

•           List of Values(LOV)

•           Poplist,Radio buttons, check box and coding examples on dependent lovs

•           Demo how to develop sample update Page

•           Example on real time update page.

•           OAF Deployment Basics & Scripts

•           Overview of MDS and JDR tables

•           Demo of How to develop Sample Delete Page

•           Example on one real time page.

•           Error Handling and Debugging Exercise

•           Demo of Page Content Layout

•           Different type of Regions

•           Tokens & URL Parameters

•           Side Nav Search

•           Quick Links

•           Demo of Advanced Topics like Partial Page Rendering(PPR), SPEL bound


Syntax, Dynamic Content, Bound Values, Context Info, Hide/Show etc…


•           How to call Standard PL/SQL package, functions and SQL statements

•           Development Demo of Classic & Advanced Tables

•           Using Bound values with Tables

•           Calling Standard Forms from OAF pages.

•           Debugging Steps.

Advanced OAF Training: Personalization & Extensions


•           Introduction to Personalization’s

•           Demo of Personalization

•           Export Personalization’s

•           Import of Personalization’s

•           Overview of JDR APIs (to inspect MDS)

•           OAF Extensions (CO, VO Extension)