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Oracle Production Scheduling

Oracle Production Scheduling

Oracle Production Scheduling
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Course Information

Overview to Value Chain Planning Suite

·         Describe the Value Chain Planning Suite

·         Describe Production Scheduling position in the VCP Suite

Production Scheduling Overview

·         Production Scheduling business process.

·         Production Scheduling features.

·         Scheduling challenges

·         Production Scheduling benefits.

·         Understand How to Prepare a PS Model in Oracle E-Business Suite

Identifying Desktop Components

·         Describe the menu bar

·         Describe the toolbar.

·         Describe the Model Workspace.

·         Describe the Workbook

Understanding a Day of a Production Scheduler

Understanding Models and Data Editors

·         Describe the difference between models and schedules.

·         Describe data formats

·         Identify model elements.

·         Identify data editors.

Defining Resources

·         Describe resources.

·         Define resources.

Defining Operations

·         Describe operations.

·         Define operations.

Defining Routings

·         Describe routings.

·         Define routings

Working with Data Editors

·         Describe the calendar editor.

·         Describe the changeover editor

·         Describe the resource relationship editor.

·         Describe the supply and demand editor.

·         Describe the work order editor.

·         Describe supply and demand reservations.

Setting Up Models and Schedules

·         Set up scenario properties.

·         Set up solver options.

Solving and Viewing Schedules

·         Describe how to solve a scenario

·         Describe schedule views.

·         Understand ways to improve solve time and PS performance (Implementation tips).

Evaluating and Adjusting Schedules

·         Describe how to evaluate schedules.

·         Describe manual adjustments.

Publishing Schedules

·         Describe the publish process.

·         Describe publish profiles

·         Describe reports

Integrating Production Scheduling with Oracle E-Business Suite and JDE E1

·         Describe Production Scheduling integration to Oracle EBS and JDE E1 via VCP

·         Describe how to set up Production Scheduling integration.

Course Review

·         Describe the Advanced Supply Planning and the Production Scheduling business process flow.

·         Create models.

·         Create resources, operations, and routings.

·         Evaluate, solve, adjust and publish schedules.

·         Case Study