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Oracle HRMS

Oracle HRMS

Oracle HRMS
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Course Information

Course Content
1)       What is an ERP
2)       Introduction to Oracle Application E-Business Suite and its Architecture.
3)       Understanding Multi-Org Concept in Oracle Application.
4)       Understanding Oracle apps R12 MOAC (Multi-Org Access Control Model).
5)       Oracle application System Administration.
a) Creating Application Users
b) Functional Security and Application Security
c) Creating role based Responsibilities.
d) Creating Custom Menus, Request Groups, Data Groups.
f) Profile Options in Oracle Applications.
g) Value Sets and Flex fields in Oracle Applications.
h) KFF and DFF                                           
i) Overview of Alerts and Workflow .
Fundamentals of Flexfields

  • Introduction to Payroll Processing
  • Defining Payment Methods
  • Defining Elements
  • Making Batch Element Entry (BEE)
  • Overview of Payroll Processing
  • Running Prepayments
  • Difference Between Rollback, Retries, and Reversals
  • Balances
  • Reasons for Adjusting Balances
  • Viewing and Correcting a Quick Pay
  • Defining Bank FLexfield
  • Defining Payroll
  • How to create Data Loader Sheets .
  • Recording Exchange Rates
  • Running a Payroll
  • Running the Costing Process
  • Correcting Results of Processing Using these Processes
  • Running a Quick Pay
  • Fast Formulas



                e) Creating and managing Concurrent Programs and Reports. Standard request submission (SRS)

               • Basics of Flexfields

               • Define Value sets

               • Define Key Flexfields

               • Define Descriptive Flexfields

               • Flex field enhancements in R12

Core HR:

  • Introduction
  • Oracle HRMS Solutions
  • Business Processes in Oracle HRMS
  • Oracle HRMS Information Model
  • Overview of Enterprise Work Structures
  • Defining Common Data
  • Defining Descriptive Flex fields
  • Special Information Types and Extra Information Types in Oracle HRMS   
  • Defining Lookups and Values
  • Creation a Business Group
  • Creation of Locations and Organizations Overview
  • Representing Financial Reporting Structure
  • Representing Legal and Government Reporting Structures
  • Defining Organization Information for Government Mandated Reporting
  • Representing Grades and Their Relationship to Pay
  • Representing Jobs and Positions ‘
  • Position Hierarchies





Absence Management and PTO Accrual Plans

  • Introduction
  • Setting Up Absence Management
  • Managing Absences
  • Understanding the Accrual Plan Structure
  • Setting UP PTO Accrual Plans
  • Administering Accrual Plans
  • Adapting the Predefined Accrual Formulas
  • Changing the Net Calculation Rules


Self Service HR

Introduction to SSHR

  • Functions and Features of SSHR
  • Fundamentals of SSHR

           Self-Service Basics

           User Access and Security

           User Access to People

  • Configuring SSHR

          Functions, Menus, and Responsibilities

   Configuring Functions

              Configuring Web Page Layouts

  •  Approvals
  •  Using SSHR
  •  Common SSHR Functions
  •  Employee Directory