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Oracle Fusion SCM Cloud

Oracle Fusion SCM Cloud

Oracle Fusion SCM Cloud
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Course Information

Fusion Supply Chain Management Online Training Course Content


Overview on Fusion Cloud & Features
Functional Setup Manager Overview 
Enterprise Structure
Create Implementation Project
Define Common Applications Configuration for Procurement 
Define Implementation Users 
Manage Currencies 
Manage Conversion Rate Types
Manage Daily Rates 
Define Enterprise Structures for Procurement 
Manage Reference Data Sets 
Manage Geographies 
Define Enterprise for Procurement
Manage Locations 
Define Legal Jurisdictions and Authorities for Procurement 
Define Legal Entities for Procurement
Define Chart of Accounts of Enterprise Structures for Procurement
Manage Accounting Calendars
Manage Primary Ledgers 
Assign Legal Entities 
Inventory Management

- Overview on Inventory & associated features
1    Manage Business Unit
2    Manage locations
3    Assign Business Unit business Function
4    Manage business Unit Set Assignment
5    Manage Facility Shift
6    Manage Facility Workday Pattern
7    Manage Facility Schedules
8    Manage Item Organization
9    Manage Inventory Organization
10    Organization Parameters
11    Associating Inventory Organization with Location
12    Data Role Assignment to Implementation user
13    Manage Item Profile Options
14    Manage Unit of Measure Profiles
15    Manage Units of Measure
16    Manage UOM Classes
17    Manage UOM Standard Conversions
18    Manage Life Cycle Phases
19    Manage Operational Attribute Groups
20    Manage Default Item Class
21    Manage Item Status
22    Manage Item Types
23    Manage Item Descriptive Flexifields
24    Manage Key Flexifield for catalogs
28    Manage Default Catalog
29    Manage Inventory Profile Options
30    Manage Inventory Account Alias Key Flex field
31    Manage Inventory Transaction types
33    Manage Inventory Locator Key Flexifield
34    Manage Sub inventory & Locations
35    Manage Inter organization parameters
36    Manage Receiving Profile Option
37    Manage Receiving parameters

- Overview on Costing & its associated features with Inventory Module
1    Manage Cost Organizations
2    Verify Data Role generation for Cost Organizations
3    Manage Cost Books.
4    Manage Cost Organization Relationships
5    Manage Cost Analysis Groups
6    Manage Valuation Structure
7    Manage cost Elements
8    Manage Cost Component Mappings
9    Cost Component Groups
10    Manage Cost Profiles
11    Manage Default Cost Profiles
12    Manage Valuation Units
13    Define Sub ledger Accounting methods
14    Manage Mapping Set - Cost Management
15    Manage Cost Analysis Mappings
16    Schedule Process - Transfer Transactions from Inventory to Costing
17    Schedule Process - Transfer Transactions from Receiving to Costing
18    Define Run Control
19    Schedule Process - Transfer Transactions from Inventory to Costing
20    Schedule Process - Transfer Transactions from Receiving to Costing
21    Define Run Control
22    Miscellaneous Transactions
23    View Accounting Entries
- Overview on Procurement Suite & Purchasing Features .
1    Manage Procurement Agent
2    Manage Purchasing Profile Options
3    Manage Procurement Document Numbering
4    Manage Purchasing Line types
5    Manage Document Styles
6    Manage Purchasing Descriptive Flexifields
8    Manage Requisition Descriptive Flexifields
9    Configure Procurement Business Function
10    Configure Requisition business function
11    Manage Common Options for Procurement and payable
12    Define Receiving Configuration
13    Manage Receiving Parameters
14    Manage Requisition Approvals
15    Manage Purchasing Document Approvals
16    Manage Mapping sets -Procurement
17    Manage Sub ledger Accounting options
18    Define Cost Management Mapping set for procurement
19    Requisition Creation
20    Auto Create PO
21    PO Creation
22    PO Receiving
23    View Accounting Entries
24    Requisition and PO Document Approvals.
25    Requisition creation
26    Purchase order creation
27    Receiving
28    Accounting
Order Management    

Overview on Features associated with Order Management & Orchestration Process.
1    Shipping Parameter
2    Ship confirm Rule
3    Order Management Parameter
4    Manage Orchestration Source System
5    Define Orchestration Process
6    Assignment of Orchestration assignment Process Rules
7    Create Price List
8    Pricing segment
9    Pricing Startergy
10    Assignment pricing startergy
11    Create Order
12    Pick & ship confirm confirm
13    Drop-shipment Order
Implementation Overview on OUM Methodology with respect to Oracle Fusion/Cloud.