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Oracle CPQ Online Training

Oracle CPQ Online Training

Oracle CPQ Online Training
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Oracle CPQ Course Content: ( 30 Hours )


Course Outline


Oracle CPQ Course

  • What is CPQ?
  • Why CPQ?
  • Available CPQ’s tools.
  • Business Cases.



1. Oracle CPQ Cloud: System Administration

  • Introduction to Oracle CPQ Cloud
  • Development, Test, and Production Environments
  • User and Group Management
  • File Manager and Data Tables
  • General Options
  • Part/Item Master and Bulk Data Upload/Download
  • Navigation-Menus, Global Header Branding, and Stylesheet




2. Oracle CPQ Cloud Configuration

  • Product Hierarchy.
  • Configurable Attributes and Arrays.
  • Configuration Rules and Settings.
  • Configuration Flows and the Layout Editor.
  • Configuration Deployment


3.Oracle CPQ Cloud Commerce

  • Introduction to Commerce and Administration Navigation.
  • Commerce Attributes.
  • Commerce Layout Editor.
  • Commerce Actions and Formula Management.
  • Approval Sequences.
  • Commerce Rules.
  • Basics of Steps.
  • Process actions and Process Manager.






4. Oracle CPQ Cloud: Document Designer

  • Creating Document Designer Templates
  • The Document Designer Editor
  • Layouts
  • Elements




5. Oracle CPQ Cloud: Administration and Best Practices

  • Admin, Error and Performance Logs
  • General Site Options
  • Bulk Download/Upload.
  • Basics of Migration



6. Oracle CPQ Cloud: Developer Tools and Tickets Handling

  • Troubleshooting of various rules – Configuration and Commerce
  • Advanced Functions (BML and BMQL Scripting)
  • Pipeline Viewer.
  • Internal Constraints.