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Oracle Advance Procurement

Oracle Advance Procurement

Oracle Advance Procurement
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Oracle Advanced Procurement R12 Online Training               



Setting Up


Catalog Management






Requisition Tracking and Management


Desktop Receiving


Integration with E-Business Suite Applications


Oracle Services Procurement Integration


Oracle Applications Setup




Setup Checklists


Set Up Function, Menu, and Data Security


Personalize Oracle iProcurement


Create Operating Unit Specific Purchasing News


Customize Operating Unit Purchasing Policies


Customize Workflows


Define Descriptive Flexfields on Requisitions


Implement Custom Packages


Modify Online Help


Options and Profile Options Categories


Technology Stack Upgrade


Content Management


Understanding the Procurement Catalog


Implementation Checklist


Maintaining The Catalog Schema


Loading Schema


Online Schema Maintenance


Maintaining Descriptors


Maintaining Shopping Categories


Maintaining Category Hierarchy


iProcurement Shopping Category Mapping


Oracle Purchasing Category Mapping


Maintaining Catalog Content


Maintaining Local Content


External Content


Smart Forms


Managing Content Presentation


Maintaining Stores


Maintaining Content Zones


Content Translation


Managing Images


Managing Searching And Browsing


Requisitions Setup


Requisitions Setup Checklist


Foreign Currency Support


Information Templates


Suggested Buyer


OneTime Address


Purchase Order Grouping for Requisition Lines with OneTime Addresses


Hazard Information


Global Requester


Displaying Charge Accounts


Expense Charge Account Rules


Employee PCards


Supplier PCards


Purchase Order (PO Extract for PCard Reconciliation


Project Accounting


Grants Accounting


Favorite Charge Accounts




Global Approver


Requisition Changes


Requester Initiated Changes to Purchase Orders


Requisition Cancellations


Life Cycle Tracking


Internal Requisitions


Oracle Services Procurement




Receiving Setup Checklist


Receipt Creation


Express Receiving


Blind Receiving


Receiving Against Intransit Shipments


Receiving Against Internal Requisitions


Requisitions to Receive




Debit Memos for Return Transactions




Viewing Receipts


Confirm Receipt Notifications


Create Advanced Shipment Notice or Advanced Shipment Billing Notice


Create Invoice


                                                                                                                Oracle iSupplier Portal Setup



Implementation Prerequisites




Setup Steps


Assign Responsibilities to Internal Users


Apply Securing Attributes to Custom Responsibilities


Enable Function Security


Enable Profile Options


Implementing Supplier User Management


Overview of Supplier User Management


Implementing Supplier User Management


Flag External Responsibilities 


Set Default Application Responsibilities (Required for Invitation


Set the Web Server URLs (Required for Invitation


Assign Supplier User Administrator Responsibility


Implementing Flexible Prospective Supplier Registration (and Profile Management)


Prospective Supplier Registration, Supplier Profiles, and Management Groups


Implementing Prospective Supplier Registration and Profile Management


Implementing Supplier Management Groups


Plan Your Supplier Management Groups


Create Your Supplier Management Groups


Create Customized Responsibilities for Buyer Approvers


Assign Customized Responsibilities to Users


Set Default Application Responsibilities


Create Striped Registration Page Links


Supplier and Supplier User Administration


Introduction to Supplier Administration


Defining Standard Suppliers